This document sets forth the procedure and requirements for submitting grant requests
to the TouchPoint Foundation. Applications for grants are accepted only from qualified
tax exempt charitable organizations. Applications cannot be accepted for the benefit of
individuals, political or religious purposes.

To help determine if a grant request is the type normally considered by the foundation and to thereby
allow both the applicant and the foundation to conserve time and resources spent on the application
process, prior to submitting a formal Request for Grant, the foundation requests applicants to send a
preliminary letter of one to two pages in length which describes:

  • General background and purpose of the organization and the geographical area it serves

  • Description of the project to be funded

  • Goals and expected results of the project

  • The amount requested

  • Email address to which we can send a response

Normally, a response to a letter of intent will be received within approximately 4 weeks.
Please submit your letter of intent via email whenever possible.

A letter on the organization’s letterhead stationary containing the information listed below is fine.
No special form is required.

  1. Name and contact information for applicant.

  2. Tax status of applicant and whether the entity is an IRS exempt organization. Include
    a copy of your IRS exemption letter and your Federal Tax ID number.

  3. Dollar amount of grant applied for.

  4. Proposed use of grant proceeds (i.e., description of program or project). Include goals
    and expected results, planned timeframe and evidence of need and value of the project.

  5. How program or project to be funded relates to the Foundation’s mission statement
    as stated above.

  6. Background information on applicant (ex. If applicant is an organization, provide information
    on history of formation, purposes, and programs).

  7. Prior history or experience of applicant in conducting activities to be funded by the grant.

  8. References for applicant and program.

  9. Current financial statement with at least one year of financial data, preferably audited.